This is the Street Sign of the Smith-County Low-Risk Jail {Can you read Lt.Lile & R.M.Smith} You can’t Touch me I’m on Public Property Taking Pics!!!! Ms Word: Rednecks Jungle-Fever

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This is The  JUNGLE FEVER-REDNECKS MS Word File on The CD-R at Virginia Beach  PD Virgina Beach Virginia & Barnes & Nobles Tyler,TX and All The CD-R’s Except for the  1st CD-R received by Lori Steward of Texas Workorce Commission-TWC a African-American Female member of Tyler Models

During the showing of Jungle Fever at BET I tuned in and the scenes where Wesley Snipes and Annabella Sciorra were discussing having children in the apartment was on and I started giving myself a good build while at the same time describing the Incompetent Pieces of Shit UT-Tyler ID/Toxicology Attendings. I mentioned the octoroon, halfroon, Ashley Postell and Victoria Rowell, Allison Boudreaux (Double boarded in Dermatology and Internal med from UCSF (All Biracial) and how there was a medical textbook reference at UT-Tyler Public Health Library which described the mainstream position reviewed by the FDA “There is no valid study that indicates that dental fillings should be removed except in the rare case of allergy”

Then I mentioned then relationship between John Tuturo and The African-American actress that played a mother in the movie “Boys in The Hood She frequented a store where he worked. Then I mentioned that ‘Get a whiff of yourself, pure racist Bothas as his white Italian friends began to attack him first verbally then Physically on the way to date the A-A fem.


This is how you attack me in this high-tech surveillance when Lizzy and Joanna (Barnes & Nobles; Starbucks Coffee Section) are being mentioned esp. This is when the sirens sounded. You will never live this down. This is when Sheriff J. B. ‘Cousin Billy Bob” Smith became a redneck and Tyler PD Chief Gary Swindle became a Redneck as well.


It was like, Nitroglycerin and like one of Alfred Nobel’s Dynamite factories blowing up in the early days of the manufacture of Dynamite (Nitroglycerin, Sawdust and of course Chalk –Diatomaceous Earth make up the formula for dynamite. It is of course the Nobel Prize in Pyschology.


During this time, an airplane flyover occurred and now white persons (6:39PM) are screaming “I love you, when there is No Opening Bid in The first place” I’m scientifically and medically trained and I know there isn’t” All the time a white female child is walking around me and a white male high school ages is screaming individual when there is no grey area in this diagnosis and you have already violated basic human rights. If I was to harm that small child right now I would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


I left a phone message (Aposhian [U. of Arizona] ph # 520-621-7565) describing the UT-Tyler Toxicology contention that I should have a Blue Line on gums in order to have Hg Tox but in the modern day almost no one has this Blue Line due to air sampling and changes in the manufacturing processes. As clearly described in Harrison’s Principle’s of Internal Medicine. The heavy metal section by Howard Hu, there is no safe lower limit and much research is being carried out to determine the subtle effects. The Standard of Care was mentioned in The Clinical Basis of Medical Toxicology p. 1328 (Nerve Conduction Studies/ Neuropsychiatric testing and Protein markers in urine) USPHS 1993 Position statement on Dental Amalgams and the Hippocratic Oath was mentioned. They UT-Tyler Attendings were described as lying like BIG TOBACCO. Or is it Elephant’s Man disease, Neurofibromatosis, Von Reckenhousen’s disease w/ acoustic neuroma Cranial NERVE VIII (8) FAILURES IN MEDICAL PHARMACOLOGY the ONLY THE TOP 8 PERCENT CAN GET HONORS, THE 8 HR. OCCUPATIONAL EXPOSURES IN MOSTLY MAD HATTER FACTORIES AND THEIR EQUIVALENT NON- AIR SAMPLED, THE AVG. NO OF DENTAL FILLINGS =8; THE 8 PUPS IN THE LITTER THAT TONY RUSSELL JR, HAD AND JUST HOW EASY IT WAS TO MATCH THE GENETIC VARIATION OF COAT COLOR IN AKITAS FOR EVEN A SMALL CHILD RENEA RUSSELL, “UNCLE GERALD COME LOOKY HERE LOOK IN THE GARAGE LOOK WHAT WE HAVE WE HAVE 101 DALMATIANS. THE UT-TYLER ATTENDINGS DON’T HAVE THE SENSE OF A SMALL CHILD, PATHETIC !!! ! then I lived one. (the 2 neurological wrecks that Charles Becker M.D. saw in a pop. Of 7-8 million. w/Hg Tox from Hg filled vacuum gages- He acted just like they did “They shook and shook” ) [The UT-Tyler Attendings saw zero cases in a pop.~1 million) or is it the Café-Au-Lait Spots. Do you need a Dermatology consult from Allison Boudreaux Bi-racial. UCSF medical student whom matched in the Dermatology training program at UCSF School of Medicine? all their Residency training programs are in the Top 10 year after year. You meant the The Nobel Prize in Infectious diseases Robert Koch M.D.- 1910 . Also double boarded in dermatology and Internal medicine. ( Academic-Athletic double double)


Maybe he will call back.


The Tyler PD officer called later that day. Sgt. Wallsworth He kept on calling stating “Someone paged me” and I just let him know that he was a redneck, that The Police Chief was a redneck Gary Swindle. Cousin Sheriff J. B. “Billy Bob” Smith was a redneck and that they should not be interfering in my life. They were begging me to stop describing them as rednecks in the media and at the various places where I have sent e-mails, CBS, NBC, FOX, ESPN, NY TIMES, Dallas Morning News , Jackson, MS (NBC, ABC, CBS), UCSF, Blackplanet, U.of MISS Medical center, Jackson State Univ., U. Of Arizona, (Aposhian); U. of Rochester (Clarkson) Worse, they were told that they should be trying to Dx. Something (they were also told to find whom manufactured those dental fillings) while they are medically irresponsible with NO BACK UP PLAN. It is NO JOKE IN THE CNS. With all those sirens sounding. Then showing grey they act 1) as if there is some grey area in the Dx 2) As if they had a back-up plan 3) WHEN THEY HAD NO OPENING BID IN THE FIRST PLACE No opening Bid Zack Summers. They were told that they should pay for false imprisonment, $30,000. They should arrest Ross Tanner M.D. for criminal felony malpractice, Tony Russell Sr. Sandra Brown, and Princella Ransom Davis. They were told directly about Losing their heads over a piece of Tail. In the deep south of Tyler Lizzy and Joanna, well-to-do fem ferts in the Starbucks coffee section of Barnes and Nobles Bookstore. Messages were left with the Tyler PD Chief Gary Swindle as well, describing how I had left messages about arresting the conspiracy for criminal felony Malpractice as well. It was mentioned that James Graves, a 10th grade High School drop out and my uncle by marriage, knows that you get paid for responsibility. It was explained that if this were done to anyone in law enforcement they would prosecute me to the fullest extent of the law. They were told that they would never win the Nobel Prize in Peace, Medicine or Pyschology.

Al knows that they have been sounding these sirens excessively over near Barnes and Nobles as he lives across from there.(Vicksburg Street) Now so does Lavonne Henderson, Beamon, and Racheal. Also Tony Russell Sr. [They are co-workers of Tony Russell Sr. at the Carrier Plant in Tyler, TX]. Its ‘Too Much. Too little, Too late” The top 40 hit Denise Williams and Johnny Mathis. They were told that they were guilty of tampering with my internet connection after the “Officer Brown Effect” e-mail was sent to a white fem fert at Blackplanet, Texassingle2003, whom real name is Nicole from Killeen, TX. whom has two children that are Bi-racial. They were prodded about this and told what are they going to do about it then I received “poor network connection” for 3 weeks. There was a separate incident of direct computer tampering with some files (Medical-Legal file folder) on my computer, and the white Tyler PD officer when called over and asked to write up a complaint was stating ‘No rare exception”. Not to mention my Fortune City web site with the “” redirect link for a day or so after I had uncovered Many smoking guns in the detailed literature of Hg vapor poisoning exposing the UT-Tyler Attendings as Surreally Incompetent, BIG GOOFS AND FUCK UPS RUDY POOTS AND COUNTRY BUMPKINS WORSE THEY ARRESTED ME FOR 3.5 WEEKS FOR E-MAIL HARASSMENT AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, THEIR OWN MEDICAL TEXTBOOKS WERE USED AGAINST THEM MAKING IT IMPOSSIBLE TO REFUTE ESP IN THE Barnes and Nobles book store in the deep south well-to-do section of Tyler, making it a gross flagrant foul violation of the Hippocratic Oath and surreally Pridefully Incompetent screaming like small children using sirens/helicopter flyovers/ garbage bags/ garbage trucks/ then showing books/ scientific papers as symbols/ and basically running around just like chickens with their heads cutoff as they didn’t know how to cover there Big MISTAKE(S) . I had them in the crosshairs the entire time ;there will no escape for these incompetent pices of shit, EVER, They will NEVER LIVE IT DOWN, TOO MUCH, TOO LITTLE TOO LATE, The Top 40 Hit Denise Williams and Johnny Mathis. UNCOMFORTABLE AS THE UT-Tyler Attendings recognized all along that I outknow them, I out verbal-visual them, I outthink them, and I out diagnose them. In addition ,I am there VAST SCIENTIFIC SUPERIOR, THERE VAST MEDICAL SUPERIOR AND THEIR GENETIC SUPERIOR AS IT IS EXCEPTIONALLY BRIGHT FOR A DOCTOR TO BE IN THE 2nd STD OF IQ AND AN ATHLETIC-ACADEMIC DOUBLE-DOUBLE. as they desperately try to COVER UP THEIR MISTAKES and they try to grey their way out of the situation . They would kill every one in the modern day of HG Tox waiting for a Blue line to Show-Up.


Are you afraid of the Truth

That YOU are Just a bunch of BIG GOOFS, FUCK-UPS AND RUDY POOTS AND COUNTRY BUMPKINS and Medically Irresponsible LOOSE CANNONS. whom had the Diagnosis right in your medical library the entire time and a 3rd yr. UCSF medical Student had to show you this in your own UT-Tyler Public Health Library because you were Causal, Shallow, Lackadaisical and Lassie-Faire or are you Just Trying to Hide

Your PATHETIC gross medical Incompetence, like small children whom cry with sirens.

UT-Tyler Attendings/Tyler PD/Fire/ETMC/Paramedics


Then you don’t want a second opinion

For the reasons given above. Clarkson, Aposhian, Rutchik, USPHS 1993 Position statement on Dental Amalgams.

Then I left a message stating that they (TYLER PD) should not be interfering with any contacts (Aposhian-U. of Arizona) that I make in this Dx of Hg Tox from dental fillings as the UT-Tyler Attendings do not know what they are doing. THEY Lie Like BIG TOBACCO, and cry like little babies when slapped in the face with their gross medical incompetence, Their lack of medical responsibility and non-committal effects in my CNS add-up to dangerous loose medical cannons that should be sued for medical negligence / malpractice. They refuse to admit that they are BIG GOOFS, RUDY POOTS FUCKS AND COUNTRY BUMPKINS, AND LOOSE CANNONS ON DECK WHOM DON’T KNOW THEIR ASSES FROM A HOLE IN THE GROUND . When sworn to the Hippocratic oath, they just never deliver the Standard of Care They don’t want any other medical experts to give a medical opinion and when typing in the MS outlook journal, they just Sound the sirens. “It is the Nobel prize in Pyschology” Why don’t you want another opinion , are you afraid of something? What are you afraid of? Maybe your handling of the case, the false arrest and imprisonment, your gross causal shallow and misapplied approch. . Your lack of medical responsibility in High-Tech surveillance. The fact that a 3rd yr. medical student, has publically embarassed you and revealed you as jumping across the electrfied grid Nobel prize in Pyschology, when you never knew your ass from a hole in the ground.


You never will admit that in high-tech surveillance will you..?




They are pathetic. (This is Hidden Springs building 3 downstairs) The African American male and female parents of the thin wisp fem fert also live here and their significant other has appeared with a key around the neck claiming that I should recognize that I don’t have Hg Tox DUE TO LACK OF a blue line on gums and that this is not ass backwards worse, Reganda RUSSELL HAS DR HAND’S OWN DENTAL FILLINGS ‘ The UT-Tyler Toxicology Attendings once reminded that they were not that familiar with the clinical presentation of Neurotoxins in general, still approch ass backwards as if the two males that developed Hg Tox from working on Hg filled vacuum gages that Charles Becker M.D. described as “Neurological wrecks actually recognized the signs and symptoms from a Blue Line on gums they didn’t.

They just stick their chests out their like Superman Like they are going to save the day when they are incompetent pices of shit and it is Surreal, the difference is obvious to a small child why are you in the life of an Adult anyway!


They think they must be approaching some skin rash (Allison Boudreaux M.D.) and a minor one at that. They act as if they have infectious agent and signs and symptoms and the route and pattern of spread when they don’t even have anything (Any part of Koch Postulates’s) at all. Then they carry on as if they had instinctive reactions but they don’t have this either. They don’t have a Blue line on gums with any person in the detailed literature of Hg Tox inc. the 20 scientific papers they don’t have.


The UT-Tyler Attendings approach this

Illness as if Hg Tox was nearly Theoretical.


They also approach this illness as if

A Blue Line On Gums

Was almost Certain

From Dental Fillings.


They approach their Infectious Diagnosis as if

It actually existed

When in fact it is not even theoretical.

Robert Koch M.D.


It is an mythological unicorn

And A

imaginary pink elephant!


The worst part,





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