Canell On Film "Don’t Pull Out" LoEstrin !!! Verda Williams- It’s The Other Way Around Pay Me For My Stuff!!!… HARDLY A GELDING THE STUD FINDER !!!

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Verda Williams shows up at 6:40am on my door step and is just like the picture. She and I talk and eventually we end up in my bedroom/bed together. She is every thing I hoped she would be and then some. We have only talked on the phone for 3-4days and now she has arrived and we are in each other’s arms 2.5 hours after we meet. She has contact lenses(colored) for every day of the week. Verda’s perfume is red apple body spray w/lotion which is similar to that worn by the Nicole King of Pasadena,CA. This scent is lingering around my room and it is a potent reminder of what I am in love with truly, madly, and deeply. She shows me a Tangerine scent which is even more alluring and can pass for a men’s fragrance. I insist that I sleep in the living room while she states that she will sleep in the bedroom, however she insists that I join her in the bedroom. I protest, but Verda is not having this. When I lie down beside her, Verda is in a royal blue silk night shirt with no bottom garments. She pretends to be tired for a few mins and then puts my arms around her and she embraces me with the softest but yet the firmest hug that a man could ever experience from a woman. No one has ever embraced me like this except for Nicole,Winnie, and Verda Williams. This leads to fondling and caressing and eventually foreplay. Verda shows no resistance and she kisses me endlessly, wet tongue French style kisses, no one has ever kissed me like this; these kisses are just like foreplay. We end up making love by 10:30 in the morning. This goes on and on until we get ready to grab some food at the texas roadhouse. While she is dressing , I take some pics of Verda in her bikini underwear and in her outfit a brown miniskirt with a wrap around shirt and under tee. We go out in her car and she is so affectionate, that it is like being with a young teenager; she kisses me, holds my hand, hugs me, grabs me and is constantly whispering sweet nothings in my ear. I have never been attended to so much in my entire life, I must be dreaming, but no it is reality. To top it off, she is married/separated; 37 years old, and has a 13 & 15 yo. son and daughter. We shop until we drop,and in every store this happens, even in the parking lot. In her car, she has her hand on my knee and I am doing likewise. She even buys me a Catalyst colonge gift set(20.00) at Marshall’s and two shirts(14.00) at Marshall’s . She later buys me some milk at Wal-Mart and treats me to Mc Donald’s later that evening. We return and we eat our food. I show her the Sees candy which Reganda sent to me and I give Verda some peanut brittle. I then show her the dumbells and give them to her. She wants to lie down for a min or so but requests that I join her. I do so and we are in each other’s arms again. We make sweet love and she has to go two hours later. I take a picture of her nude and fondle and kiss her voluptous body one last time, before she dresses. She then dresses, packs and asks for directions, I give her a map of east texas and I walk her out to her car. We embrace and kiss and she is gone into the east texas night back to Paris, TX. Verda calls at 2:40AM and is home and OK, I get lonely, she says she will be back in two weeks. I am sprung and pussy whipped. Yes, I’ve been hit by a smooth criminal ( figure of speech). All I can do now is hope like hell that she will return or call or both. I imagine that she is taken with me somewhat, as women don’t usually buy gifts for men unless they are fond of them. She is honey mocha complexed with smooth skin and no cellulite or very little. I love her body to death and it is devastating in bikini underwear. I wish that she was not married and here with me now. I look around at Jeanet, Jackie and and there is no substitute for Verda. I know that Verda is irreplaceable, priceless and one of a kind. I’ll never replace a woman like this. I look around at and it is NO DICE. All I hear is that sweet phone voice which makes think that someone is making love to me on the phone w/o even making explict commentary. I am in a positon where my heart can be stomped upon. I hope she treads lightly—smile.

See The RAVE REVIEW NARY A CHECK !!! THe REAL STUD FINDER !!!! (See Verda Williams Review at Notes Below)

Date: Sunday, November 11, 2001 @ 04:54 PM EST
From: wannabspoil2 Add to Friends List Save to Address Book Block Sender
Subject: Re: Kissing to be clever
To: grussell903
-Kisses to my baby..cause i missing you…Hello Gerald…I was just working but had lonesome thoughts of you..Just thought i stop in and let u know that your definitely on my mind…in my thoughts and daydreams…Nipples get harden thinking of the thoughts of making love to you…Never met anyone that can turn me on so fast but make the feelings of love feel so special just want to say Thank U for being in my life…—- Original Message Was:
Check your BP e-mail, Verda. I miss your tender kisses…love gerald.@};-

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Canell On Film !!!!

Canell (Desiree) Thornton. She arrived Fri. evening at 5:30PM. She was dressed in a Fuschia ribbed knit sweater, with a black miniskirt and black sheer stockings. She had on a pair of black tortoise shell prescription ,but designer frame eyeglasses in the latest style. The hair was medium length and attractively styled; make up included dark red lipstick and light powder. Eyebrows were thick, but well trimmed. Her complexion was honey-mocha and she had attractive facial features. We talked and then I brought in her luggage. We made more small talk and then we watched some TV in the bedroom. About an hour later, Canell started to cuddle and then kiss me. She then straddled me and kissed me with some of the sweetest wet french kisses I had ever experinced from a woman. She nibbled my lips, tonuge and neck. Canell then proceeded to take off her fuschia sweater(bra remained on) and started the sweet wet french kisses all over again. She finally took off the the bra and the largest and beautiful breasts in a smooth honey-mocha complexion appeared before my very eyes. They were vast and shapely. Again Canell straddled me and french kissed me again. Now I lost all control. I wanted this woman more than any woman ever before. I fondled, caressed and lapped at her voluptous body, even with skirt on/top off. A few mins. later she stopped and wanted to go to dinner. We put our clothes back on and went out to eat, then to Wal-mart and back here. We talked and watched a little more TV, then it was lights out. We then made love, it was booming. This repeated itself at 2 am, and at 8am. We then ate breakfast, and slept again. We awake to go out to eat at 1:15PM. Her mother called and we left. We went to home depot, then Lowe’s to look for a drill for Canell. I recommended a variable speed/reversible drill–B&D. She was thinking about a power screwdriver, but I told her they had insuffcient torque, the salesperson agreed. The prices were $29.95 and up. She declined. We packed it in. We came back to my place and lounged around and slept and made love around 7:30 PM again. Canell was complaining of soreness so we watched a movie, (The talented Mr. Ripley–w/Matt Damon) and then sat on the couch from 10-11PM. Canell and I talked about her LO ESTRIN oral contraceptives and the day after dosing schedules. She would contact her OB-GYN and get a recommendation. (Mine was 4-5 pills of her current regimen, based on ug of estrogen/progesterone content). Canell was still sore and we slept until 4am or so. We made love again: from the side, the back, and the front. we held each other until the sunrise and then talked until 9am. We arose, took a shower together and we did each other’s back and caressed each other. We attempted to make love in the shower, but she was too short for deep penetration. We got out of the shower and then Canell decided to mount me on my bed, she kissed me and then put me inside of her and proceeded to ride me like a champ. This was the first time that Canell ad ever talked dirty to me: “Gerald, You love fucking me don’t you?” as she slid up and down; back and forth, making love to me the last time before she left on Sun am. French kisses and all…mmm so good. I knew that Canell had some good experince in the bedroom…smile. Canell used to be a cheerleader in High School, I wonder how many jocks she has been with…hmmm.

Anyway, Canell left around 11:30AM , she took a couple of pics of me and we kissed for about 10min leaning on the front door of her car. She left and I was alone again.


(See Canell Thorton’s Review in her Own Words via Yahoo! Instant Messeger conversation below)

gerald_russell: Hi Angel, Good morning, I hope that you slept well, Canell. All I could hear was the words, I love you rolling off of your pouty lips all last night, baby. I love you so much!

sweetnell62: Hi Sweetie, I slept great. I love you too. I have had you on my mind all morning, I hope you have a wonderful day!!

sweetnell62: Gerald, you make me all warm and fuzzy inside.

gerald_russell: Canell, I never thought that you might actually feel that way about me, but like you told me, it makes me feels sooo beautiful inside to know that someone in the BIG world loves me….very beautiful indeed.

sweetnell62: It is a truly good feeling isn’t it???? Now, all we need to do is try to come with a plan for us to show each other agian just how we feel about the other……Know what I mean??;)

sweetnell62: oops typo…..should be again not agian

gerald_russell: Yes, Canell the operative word is we…:x And we need a plan also, sweetie.

gerald_russell: It truly is good…mmmm!

sweetnell62: I want to make love too me Gerald. I want to feel you next too me. I want to touch me oh so gently.

sweetnell62: oops excited again…. I want YOU to make love too me.

gerald_russell: Canell, If you only knew how I desire your tender touch right beside me, dear.gerald_russell: Right now…its the truth!

sweetnell62: I’m sitting here at my desk, when I close my eyes and imagine real hard, I can feel you entering me…..its warm and wet and stimulating:”>

sweetnell62: Ok, I’m done……we are at work.

gerald_russell: I want your love…and I need your love, Canell. Yes, I am inside your love right now and my senses are tingling all over…mmm. I don’t wanna stop until I get enough,, I want all of you, Canell.:”>

sweetnell62: Soon, you will have ME all to yourself

gerald_russell: You are mine and I am yours, precious. Kisses for my baby.

sweetnell62: Kisses for MY Baby. Think you’ll be able to meet me Canton at exit 527??? (hehehehe)

gerald_russell: Canell, You are so funny, and so sweet….smile.

sweetnell62: Yeah, yeah, you just better start looking at that calendar. I want to be with you b4 you leave for LA

gerald_russell: I want you with me also, you know this Canell. I will look at my calendar and I will see your face and feel your love all around me..;)

sweetnell62: I will be counting the days until our next encounter. Of course, you know this one will be OFF the HOOK!!!!:D

gerald_russell: Canell, The earth will move…and we will be at the epicenter.

sweetnell62: I bring my ‘make-out’ music this time….Ready or Not

gerald_russell: Canell, I need to skidaddle, sweetie. I would love to ” make-out” with your music, dear. Lauryn Hill and Canell Thornton , get ready.

sweetnell62: Thanks Honey, I will talk with you later.

sweetnell62: Love ya bunches!!!

gerald_russell: Love you too, Canell, Later.gerald_russell: :”>

sweetnell62: Bye:(

gerald_russell: cute… i’ll miss my baby too.

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