False Arrest on Public Road Lt.Lile & R.M. Smith on Versus Tour De France Wed July 18th 2007 Sirens Tyler Fire Tyler Bike Club and has You Eaat Yet .?

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Look At Yourself On Fire Smith Co. Sheriff’s Impala Tood Bowers of Denver Fire HazMat knows Renea Russell can spell the letter “C” The Fire Is Too Big Charley Throw the match PUT THE FIRE OUT!!! “You meant “C” Chase White girls Don’t you.?

Put yourselves OUT !!!

You never saw illness but you can read and write you just knee jerk to the photos Which is a textbook mistake as if I said the words WHITE GIRL and then officer Freeman of Tyler PD would show up in Rose Rudman trail and make a False Arrest and worse not even arrest the white male jogger [ We both have to receive the same treatment under the law like the 14th amendment of the U.S. constitution ] for a after dark trespass as I made a de facto categorical request 1) That he warn or arrest the white male jogger “Look at him in the park after dark” and he stated “We can’t Follow everyone in the park” There were 3 Tyler PD Crown Victoria’s and only Two Persons in the Park 2) Show me the rules of the after dark hours of Rose Rudman Trail like knowing the speed Limit on Shiloh Rd which goes past it..Next you will show a WHITE PIT BULL at Hidden Springs Apt instead of seeing 10 yrs of High-Tech surveillance, no Opening Bid and medical records are confidential. HOWEVER, you can’t see the FLAGRANT FOUL RASCISM and you don’t see the patient .However this is the animal model for Rabies…also the 100 PPM animal in OSHA TECH LINKS was exposed for 83 weeks to this concentration of Mercury Vapor and my Niece Renea Russell Knows her Animals , and knows her colors RASCISM…And Renea Russell can count to the OSHA CELING [100 PPM] and The SMITH STUDY Did you not look at the link for More Info Pic Blue Line Goof? Your reply stated the term PICTURE rather directly..You can’t see this, WHY NOT !!!!!This is why you received this due process in an accusation I have the right to defend myself Do you know the rules of Slander, Libel FBI operation CONTELLIPRO the ” Family’s quote ” You have all our business in the streets .!!! “They authorized this High-Tech surveillance but they can’t wear the shoe on the other foot. nor can anyone else touching me as your business will be in the PUBLIC DOMAIN as Well and is fair game to every detail just like my information but NO ONE SEES ILNESS!!! ..and now you see the Photographer’s Right Provocative Nude Photos of Pat Tutt & Verda Williams But Not False Arrest and you have the pettiness and Shallowness to demand “You GOTTA PAY FOR MY STUFF as it is all over most of my every websites Inc Flicker/Zooomr “grussell903″ grussell_ms3” Photos with Pictures THAT I’m not Paying for your stuff !!!! I’m sending this to defend against any accusations of Sexual Orientation, Illness, Slander. Libel, False Diagnosis and PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIEDENCE is ADMIISSIBLE as SMOKING GUNS IN ANY COURT OF LAW like Rodney King Type Evidence darling.. I have the right to due process against any and all accusers. Didn’t you see the pics of me at Dickey’s BBQ eating Chopped beef w/o VINEGAR containing BBQ Sauce or VINEGAR containing Salad dressing dear… I can’t tolerate this and pictures don’t lie….This is DANGEROUS TO MY HEALTH bertha So would you like to meet in Ft worth soon for dinner or Tyler call me at 903-561-5712 (hm) 903-215-6771 (Cell) Bertha that IM was concerning some women sending messages in Tyler, TX about “YOU GOTTA PAY FOR MY STUFF like Kia with 3 kids and never married 32 yrs old or Pat Tutt and Rosalind Rasheed (Dallas- Grand Prairie, TX) or several others didn’t you not see that PAT TUTT was about to buy a DILDO SEXTOY!!!!Gerald Russell: So what do you think about Verda Williams and her sex drive and the fact that she bought me Two Shirts, Groceries, Dinner and a Catalyst Cologne/Aftershave gift set, Bertha..?This place is across from the Flowers Baking Company inside which these Goodies are freshly baked and the smell of food {Spikes The Levels To Get You Addicted faster- Like Pheromones which Male Moths can use to find a female Moth over 10 km away} just causes one to crave as if the Old Inferts-MatterHorns whom said this were going to Starve To Death{LaNita Wilson-“I’m sex starved” Jo Ann “NO BUNS Bunley” If The Relationship doesn’t work Out “CAN WE STILL BE FUCKING BUDDIES!!! ” HA ! HA! Surely you Toy..The 3 Strongest Drives in Mother nature are The Sex Drive Salmon dying to Spawn (Roe & Milt) The Hunger Drive and The Drive or Will To Survive..!!! Testosterone Controls the Sex Drive in Both Sexes and Geldings -STUD FINDER don’t have a sex drive & Geldings DON‘T HAVE SEX..I wonder why Eunuch..Pat
You don’t see the Patient, this is an acid test, You don’t see False Arrest, You don’t see Uncle Freddie Robinson, Gerald you need to Go to South Mississippi to see a dentist to have your teeth replaced with false teeth, Instead of $5,000
GOLD INLAYS as this Dentist was cheap as I had a lower and Upper Plate done by him” ( The BIG FREDWhom had the Little Fred– Now an Certified Athletic trainer for Jackson State Univ. JSU at age 16 yrs with the Lucille Turner also 16 yrs old Did The BIG Fred HAVE TO PAY FOR LUCILLE TURNERS’ STUFF.? Surely you Toy BABY FOOL Hardly a GELDING ..LOL Does James Graves, think this ..? Miranda Russell’s classmate Desiree’ from Belize ( whom I dated in 1985 while I was in the UC Berkeley/LBL Co-Op) when they were both attending Mount St Mary’s College in Santa Monica CA .Did I Pay for Desiree’s Stuff.?..NO Wendy Glass IS the adopted Daughter of Marjorie Glass a former Girlfriend of Tony Russell Sr. my biological father [The Tone Didn’t Pay for her stuff either as Marjorie Glass she was a supervisor of Social workers at UCLA/Harbor Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA Marjorie Glass had a MSW in Social work and adopted Wendy Glass when she was a 3 yo girl in South Central LA as Marjorie Glass {from Jamaica} was a social worker in the street and Wendy’s Mother was an unfit alcoholic mother.. Marjorie was a widow and had a biological son by her deceased husband.. She deliberately wanted the Tone to move in with her and she was going to wear the financial pants and The Tone didn’t want this but he didn’t say it directly by making up excuses “She is too tall 6.0 ft, She wears wigs, She has big feet, and he wouldn’t be able to do what he wanted in her house..a split level ranch house in Inglewood, CA with a swimming pool in the backyard an a view of West LA on a Clear day all the way to the Airport LAX.. You should be ashamedWhom in the family thinks that The Tone Paid for Marjorie Glasses Stuff..? Hardly a GELDING.. or That you have my best interests at heart …?Thanks Miranda did you get The Photographers Legal Rights and the False Arrest by Lt. Lile of the Low-Risk Smith co Sheriff’s Dept…and Officer R.M. Smith For taking pictures of the Low-Risk Jail “Really Your mouth, YOur mouth!!! as confirmed by the Nurse inside “It’s your mouth that got you in trouble” then they bent my SD Camera card which I just\ replaced today and explained it to Miranda in the Electronics section of Wal-Mart SC on HWY 64 west on the way to the Airport…Pathetic dear…see the USA.COM Kantor article which I sent earlier Improper Photography dear…and Uncle Freddie Robinson did not pay for Lucille Turner’s stuff and I didn’t pay for Desiree’s stuff, the Science teachers stuff nor Wendy Glass’s stuff either nor Sherry the Caterer at the Wedding either..and I’m not paying for Pat Tutt’s, Rosalind Rasheed’s nor anyone else’s stuff…HA HA!!!!!! see Flicker Photos “grussell_ms3” or Zooomr/Flickr Photos “grussell903” Photobucket Photos “grussell903” and Do a search for Pat Tutt…or sex drive




a) In this section, “promote” has the meaning assigned by Section 43.21.

b) A person commits an offense if the person:

(1) Photographs or by videotape or other electronic means visually records another:

(A) without the other person’s consent; and

(B) with intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person; or

(2) knowing the character and content of the photograph or recording, promotes a photograph or visual recording described by Subdivision (1).

c) An offense under this section is a state jail felony.

d) If conduct that constitutes an offense under this section also constitutes an offense under any other law, the actor may be prosecuted under this section or the other law.

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Canell On Film "Don’t Pull Out" LoEstrin !!! Verda Williams- It’s The Other Way Around Pay Me For My Stuff!!!… HARDLY A GELDING THE STUD FINDER !!! THE STUD FINDER !!!

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