Vetstoria YouTube Video Avian flu (5): The disease in pets- What is a Zoonosis? UT-Tyler Health Center The Typhoid “Mary” Fever-Stalking GOOF -Arrest (African Green Monkey Model- SIV) Tyler PD The White Racist Pig Swine The Pork Tape Worm The Swine-Flu Gary Swindle Hog Cholera-Smith Co Texas DA’s Office Jack Skeen Jr- Tyler Fire Neal “Frank PUS in The Knee” Frank -Lost Their Heads Over a Piece of White Girl Tail -As The Band Played On

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This Video Describes How Differe

This Video Describes How Different Animal Species or Groups are Susceptible or NOT to
The AVIAN-FLU [Bird-Flu] Called H5N1 influenza virus. Ruminants (Cattle, Sheep, Deer) are NOT, Rodents, Rats, Etc,) Infected in Laboratory conditions but NO Wild-Type Infections have been Observed. Pigs[ Tyler PD Chief Gary Swindle The White
Racist Pig-Swine-The Pork Tapeworm -Hog Cholera  in Studies in Vietnam are known to carry H5N1 without Signs & Symptoms (Like Typhoid
Mary). and pass it on to Humans. Carnivores (Dogs & Cats) are susceptible

The cell is the functional basic unit of life. It was discovered by Robert Hooke and is the functional unit of all known living organisms. It is the smallest unit of life that is classified as a living thing, and is often called the building block of life.[1] Some organisms, such as most bacteria, are unicellular (consist of a single cell). Other organisms, such as humans, are multicellular. Humans have about 100 trillion or 1014 cells; a typical cell size is 10 µm and a typical cell mass is 1 nanogram. The largest cells are about 135 µm in the anterior horn in the spinal cord while granule cells in the cerebellum, the smallest, can be some 4 µm and the longest cell can reach from the toe to the lower brain stem (Pseudounipolar cells).[2] The largest known cells are unfertilized ostrich egg cells which weigh 3.3 pounds.[3][4]

In 1835, before the final cell theory was developed, Jan Evangelista Purkyně observed small “granules” while looking at the plant tissue through a microscope. The cell theory, first developed in 1839 by Matthias Jakob Schleiden and Theodor Schwann, states that all organisms are composed of one or more cells, that all cells come from preexisting cells (ie Life Comes From Life There is no Myth of Spontaneous Generation- Louis Pasteur and The Dark Ages of Microbiology, that vital functions of an organism occur within cells, and that all cells contain the hereditary information necessary for regulating cell functions and for transmitting information to the next generation of cells.[5]

The word cell comes from the Latin cellula, meaning, a small room. The descriptive term for the smallest living biological structure was coined by Robert Hooke in a book he published in 1665 when he compared the cork cells he saw through his microscope to the small rooms monks lived in.[6]

Cytokine-induced sickness behavior was recognized within a few years of the cloning and expression of
interferon-alpha, IL-1

which occurred
around the time that the first issue of
Brain, Behavior, and Immunity was published in 1987.

Phase I clinical trials established that
injection of recombinant cytokines into cancer patients led to a variety of psychological disturbances
It was subsequently shown
that physiological concentrations of

proinflammatory cytokines
that occur after infection
act in the brain
to induce common symptoms of sickness,

such as loss of appetite,
withdrawal from normal social activities,

aching joints
This syndrome was defined as
sickness behavior and is now recognized to be part of a motivational system that reorganizes the organism’s priorities to facilitate recovery from the infection.
convey to the brain that an infection has occurred in the periphery
, and this action of cytokines can occur via the traditional endocrine route via the blood or by direct neural transmission via the afferent vagus nerve. The finding that sickness behavior occurs in all mammals and birds indicates that communication between the immune system and brain has been evolutionarily conserved and forms an important physiological adaptive response that favors survival of the organism during infections. The fact that cytokines act in the brain to induce physiological adaptations that promote survival has led to the hypothesis that inappropriate, prolonged activation of the innate immune system may be involved in a number of pathological disturbances in the brain, ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to stroke. Conversely, the newly-defined role of cytokines in a wide variety of systemic co-morbid conditions, ranging from chronic heart failure to obesity, may begin to explain changes in the mental state of these subjects. Indeed, the newest findings of cytokine actions in the brain offer some of the first clues about the pathophysiology
of certain mental health disorders, including depression. The time is ripe to
begin to move these fundamental discoveries in mice to man and some of the
pharmacological tools are already available to antagonize the detrimental
actions of cytokines

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 From: Gerald Russell []

Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 5:07 AM
To: richard wallace M.D. (; andrew prychodko M.D. (; ellen remenchik M.D. (; Jeffery Levin M. D. (; Paul Rountree M.D. (; peter barnes M.D. (
Subject: FW: Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) Mother Nature and Spontaneous Generation…..No Insight, What is happenning & Described in Mother Nature to my Body, not in your minds (Myths vs. Fact)






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 From: Gerald Russell []

Sent: Wednesday, November 20, 2002 12:49 PM

To: Annette

FW: Read “As The Band Played On” by Randy Shits. The approach you need is listed in here, Dr. Koch! My Own Flesh and Blood obstruct Justice, You are not qualified to Dx nor are the Misapplied, Causal, Shallow UT-Tyler Attendings!



Hi Miranda/Reganda, hit the links


               You remember my prediction (To Miranda) when cutting the cheese for XMAS dinner (Miranda Russell observed an moderate intention tremor at the time with each slice of the cheese, which ceased in between slices hint- intention tremor is the cardinal sign or symptom of chronic metallic mercury

that is pathongomonic-“sign or symptom that names the disease for the medical professional” Check the descriptions on Medline)   that I could make this (tremor) worse by using Listerine mouthwash and toothpaste and vinegar, chips and salsa. Well. that is what Feb 2002 is all about. You don’t have objective medical approaches, you are not logical nor rational and your approach places the cart before the horse. THE MONEY IN ILLNESS IS ALL ABOUT SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS YOU ARE UTTER FOOLS AND MEDICALLY INCOMPETENT WHEN YOU FAIL TO MAKE THIS OBJECTIVE APPROACH!!! You don’t know the medical definitions of CNS infectious Dx. You don’t know mercury poisoning either and you remember I predicted this to Jeneat Burist and Nicole King also in High-tech surveillance (Jan 2002). Why there is no HIV test either, and I know CNS infectious disease better than any doctor with long years of clinical experience. I was trained by Paul Volberding M.D. and he wants to know your approach to the patient.

      I never made a move towards infectious disease. No move ever, there are 9 occurrences but you can’t even hold Charles Becker’s M.D. or Paul Volberding’s M.D. jockstrap.

I know my body better than you or anyone else (including doctor) .You tell me why I am using baking soda and not toothpaste or vinegar. Nurses don’t think, they follow orders. It shows. You don’t know how to use the word doctor, if you did you would become Dr. Koch, Dr. Volberding, Dr. Becker and make your inspection of the medical literature first before you leaped.( ZERO REPORTS) The body speaks louder than you it says Hg toxicity. I say it and the UT-Tyler
s say it and you even say “we can’t prove that you don’t have Hg poisoning either.”


As an Ignorant layperson or medical professional, I can’t overemphasize just how badly you need to read the book As the Band Played On” by Randy Shilts. You need to be enlightened here as this describes just how modern science, medicine, infectious disease, sexual orientation, JET TRAVEL, society and Koch’s postulates of microbiology interact in a way, (Yes, Paul Volberding M. D. is described here) that clearly makes HIV “gay” or “IVDU” or “Hemophiliac” or ” prostitute”
but no infectious agent is ever anything more than agent+organism might or might not =infectious human disease.
This is the best recollection of the early years of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in all of literature and it is suitable for both layperson and medically trained professional. Here you will find that infectious agents do not arise from nowhere or from thin air
nor do they arise from sexual orientation or sex itself- 5billion persons hint!!)



Subject: Michael Fumento reviews And the Band Played On.


And the Band Played On

Book Review by Michael Fumento

The American Spectator, February 1988

Copyright 1988 by the American Spectator

(And the Band Played On: Politics, People and the AIDS Epidemic; By Randy Shilts, St. Martin‘s Press)

The doctors at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta called him “Patient Zero.”
A stunningly handsome French-Canadian airline steward, Gaetan Dugas had over 2,500 male sexual partners on both sides of the
Atlantic Ocean by the time he died at age 31.

It was in France, the doctors think, that he picked up the AIDS virus. Thence he brought the virus to both San Francisco and New York, where he infected partners through anonymous bathhouse sex and pickups from gay bars.
At least forty of the first 248 homosexuals diagnosed with AIDS as of April 12, 1982 had had sex either with Dugas
or with someone who had.

Mary” Mallon, by contrast, had fifty-three confirmed cases attributed to her, of
whom three died.)

-By The way This is
Fecal-Oral Transmission Richard Wallace “Round Tree Stump” & Peter “The Horse Is
already out of the barn Horse Herpes Barnes -No MD Degree behind The name

-not a Sexual Orientation-Cart In Front of The Horse- You Need Signs & Sx’s- Not
The food you are eating. Like the
Signs & Symptoms worsening after eating Vinegar Containing Sushi at The China
cafe -Chinese Buffet on a Fri with Lavon Henderson *
he argued that I used Sweet & Sour sauce on my food there which I didn’t
(Lavon was mistaken as that is
what he uses.)
and I
explained about the Abrasive grit in a Car’s Oil and Changing the Oil filter in
a Dust storm, the Dry Startup of a Engine and

Toothpaste and heavy
Chewing on Dental Amalgam and how it Increases the release of Mercury Vapor from
The Amalgam
and watching Betty Nygen that Sat Am on CNN -weekends


Long after his diagnosis, Dugas
would sodomize willing partners in dimly lit cubicles, then turn up the lights

point to the purplish Kaposi’s sarcoma lesions on his skin. “I’ve got gay
cancer,” he would say. “I’m going to die, and so are you.”

Paul Volberding
-UCSF Editor-in-Chief of the Journal. of AIDS




No one will ever be certain whether Dugas was the one who began the AIDS epidemic in the United States, but it would be fitting if he was. For the way he continued business as usual – or pleasure, as it were – even after his diagnosis is representative of the larger tale of miscreants and fools
told in Randy Shilts’s

And the Band Played On,

a remarkable feat of investigative journalism that traces the AIDS epidemic from the death of Danish physician Margrethe Rask, a lesbian who contracted AIDS in Africa in 1976, up to mid-1985 and the death of Rock Hudson.

An openly homosexual
writer for the San Francisco
Chronicle and the nation’ s first full-time AIDS reporter,
Shilts names names, slams reputations,
and yet poignantly testifies to those few who fought desperately to get the band’s attention and those who died horribly while it continued to play.

Introducing the members of the band:

“Fast lane” homosexuals.
Some homosexuals racked up as many as a mind-boggling 20,000 sexual partners,
engaging in high-risk (receptive anal) acts long after it became apparent that a
fatal illness was spreading through the homosexual populations of
New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Scoffing at advice to limit partners and avoid such activity, many homosexuals continued going to bathhouses, readily infecting themselves with the AIDS virus and passing it on to others.

Homosexual leaders such as Konstantin Berlandt, a columnist for the Bay Area Reporter, shed new light on the debate over whether homosexuality is genetic or acquired by stating, “I didn’t become a homosexual so I could use condoms.” Later Berlandt wrote: “Advice on safe sex, while perhaps well-meaning, is actually collaboration with the death regime that delights in blaming ourselves and would pin the blame onus.”

Berlandt also used his column to make a pitch for
known in other circles
oral-anal contact
and then considered to be a high-risk activity for contracting AIDS. According to Berlandt,
the practice could be “spiritually uplifting.”

Other homosexuals saw profit in the epidemic, as did the San Mateo doctor who promised to cure AIDS with massive doses of – you guessed it – Vitamin C. Still others made desperate efforts to pretend that the syndrome was not sexually transmitted, such as the homosexual psychologist who wrote a series of articles maintaining that AIDS victims all had suffered an “emotional emergency” as children that was now manifesting itself as fatal immune suppression.

The bathhouse owners
. Even before AIDS, notes Shilts, “the bathhouses were a horrible breeding ground for disease…

study of gay men suffering from shigellosis
[a parasitic disease

most efficiently transmitted by ingestion of feces]

UT-Tyler Health Center ID
Division Thinks along with the Tyler Public at Kindercare and Tyler PD-Smith
County Texas Law-Enforcement That

Fecal-Oral Transmission is [By The Way I never did This]

“All Those Things you do with men”
” All That Cum”  “The ‘GOT” and “
Infectious Acute Bloody Diarrhea with Tenesmus A Constant urge to defecate
Like Head
Elected Smith County DA  Matt Bingham


Anal-Rectal Gonorrhea-Gave Up Every Hole!!
for example, discovered 69 percent culled, their sexual partners from

A Denver study found that an
average bathhouse patron having his typical 2.7 sexual contacts
risked a 33 percent
of walking out of the
tubs with
. . .”

of which prompted one doctor in 1980 to remark, “If something- new gets loose
here, we’re going to have hell to pay.” Yet even after hell broke loose,
bathhouse owners refused to close up shop or even display safe-sex posters.
Instead, they treated the AIDS epidemic in the way Amity businessmen treated
news of the shark in the movie
the less said, the better.
As one callous owner explained
to Dr. Paul Volberding,
“We’re both in
it for the same thing. Money. We make money at one end when they come to the
baths. You make money from them on the other end when they come out.”

The San Francisco Health Department, which recently forbade all smoking in government offices on public health grounds, delayed putting restrictions on the bathhouses for several years so as to not offend the homosexual lobby. It wasn’t until 1987 that the last bathhouse closed its doors.

Blood bank operators

Like the bathhouse owners, blood bank operators faced the AIDS problem by ignoring it.

By late 1981 there was reason to believe that AIDS was a bloodborne virus like
hepatitis B
and that it would turn up in blood transfusions

by mid-1982 the CDC had reported that hemophiliacs had contracted AIDS through
clotting factor. Yet in December 1982 an officer of the American Association of
Blood Banks went on network television to say flatly that there still was no
evidence that transfusions spread AIDS. It’s not that there was no way to screen

One method,
rejected as too expensive, was to test
for antibodies to the core of the hepatitis B virus,
ubiquitous in the blood of AIDS patients
Another method was to ask members of high risk groups to exclude themselves

But at a meeting of all the major blood banking organizations it was announced that no such screening would be tolerated. “Direct or indirect questions about a donor’s sexual preference are inappropriate,” read the official statement. Dr. Roger Enlow, a New York
homosexual physician and a leader of the American Association of Physicians for
Human Rights, praised the policy. “We’ve preserved not just gay rights,” he
said, “but the human right to privacy and individual choice.” Except, of course,
for those who chose not to die of a horrible disease simply because they needed
blood products. In his epilogue Shilts writes, “
estimated 12,000 Americans were infected from

largely administered
after the CDC had futilely begged
blood industry

for action to prevent the spread of the disease.

Homosexual Rights Groups and the Media
. Shilts is not shy about going after his own. The book is replete with examples of callousness, overcaution, and sheer idiocy on the part of so-called gay rights organizations which consistently fought efforts to save homosexual lives – including such efforts as voluntary testing – alleging such measures were but the first step toward slapping pink triangles onto homosexuals and marching them off to the gas chambers. Shilts has told one writer that the press’s lack of AIDS coverage – until, that is, the disease appeared to threaten heterosexuals and until the death of Rock Hudson – makes it the “one institution with the most blood on its hands.”

Public Health Authorities.

The argument that public health officials and the Reagan
Administration shortchanged AIDS
research until it was perceived as a national,

and not just a homosexual and drug addict, problem
is much more contestable
. Hindsight is always 20-20; it’s easy to see now that much more money should have been spent much more quickly on AIDS.

But hindsight also tells us that those same public
health authorities strongly overreacted

to the Swine Flu scare

in the mid-1970s. Would funding have been substantially different if the afflicted had been, to use one congressman’s comparison, tennis players instead of homosexuals? This is something that Shilts can’t establish, even with the hundreds of memos he obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

Shilts can’t resist a parting shot at President Reagan. “Already,” writes Shilts, “some said Ronald Reagan would be remembered in history books for one thing beyond all else: He was the man who had let AIDS rage through America, the leader of the government that when challenged to action had placed politics above the health of the American people.” That may be how some homosexuals will view Reagan’s presidency, but most historians, with the help of Shilts’s book, will conclude that, although many share the blame for the AIDS epidemic, those primarily responsible were its prime victims, the homosexuals themselves.

The issue is not and never has been, as Konstantin Berlandt contends (in Shilts’s paraphrase), “society’s responsibility to find the medical technology to prevent all sexually transmitted diseases rather than the gay community’s responsibility to keep sexuality in line with what medical technology can cure.”

Read Michael Fumento’s additional work on AIDS.

Michael Fumento is the author of numerous books, including The Myth of Hetersexual AIDS.

Search Biography Recent Articles Books Columns and Article Archive Book Reviews News Coverage Speaking Availability


This is what I was reading, along with Paul Volberding’s M.D./Merle Sande’s M.D. #1 medical text book (1990 edition) “The Medical
Management of AIDS”
while I was a 3rd medical student at UCSF/SFGH for my 8 weeks of Medicine rotation. Here Paul Volberding M.D. was my medical Attending Professor for 11 days and I am extremely well trained and he never approaches from “gay”, HIV/AIDS is all about infectious disease and weakened immune systems. No infectious agent once in the highest risk group would ever be cleared from their bodies with out treatment and would just spread like wild-fire and would not be missed by Paul Volberding M. D. or someone at UCSF/SFGH or the rest of medicine (i. e. blood banking medicine, pediatric infectious disease, CDC or the WHO) ZERO REPORTS. This does not occur on anyone.




You owe apologies and evidence,




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