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Aug 21, 2009
Tyler , TX
photos: 42 – 10 MB
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The Greatest Hits of UNLAWFUL FALSE STOPS and DETENTIONS by THE DREGS of LAW-UNENFORCEMENT in ALL JURISDICTIONS Combined in the US. As I’m the VIP of THIS Surveillance and Have Shown and Explained The 2004 Police Chief Magazine Article Chief’s Consul STOP & ID Laws by Beverly Ginn JD- Head Legal Adviser to the Tucson, AZ PD and The STOP & ID Wikipedia Section and The Houston Chronicle April 13th 2007 Article- Texas House kills bill allowing police to demand personal information Complained to Several Supervising Sgts such as Sgt Lockhart, Sgt Thompson, Sgt Grisham, Sgt Richard Phillips Check the Phone Records SW Bell Phone Trucks and Tom’s Hardware and the LOUD Sirens During The LIVE FEEDS like The Tour DE France 2007, 2008 & 2009 .. Money Bet That all The REGISTERED USERS at The New England Journal Of Medicine and The Journal of Science AND EVERY LAW SCHOOL Like Duke and Harvard know Your every Mistake NOW Answer The BURNING QUESTION- The Small-Fiber Neuropathy -and Your White Daughters and The NERVE INJURY UNIT at MASS GEN HOSPITAL..

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Cactus Flipping The Bird on Cover of The Economist Sept 20 2003 as Referred to the Acquittal of a Bird sign in Texas Court of Appeals Truck Coggin to Caldwell Co Jailer and Wife Hogging The Slow Lane | Flickr Photo Sharing Gerald Russell – Google – Tyler PD Arrests- Stalking After Dark Trespass-Rose Rudman Trail Letter to Lori Stewart-NOT STALKING- BUT NEVER FOUND by Sgt Richard Cashell or Head Smith County DA Jack Skeen Jr. -NO PROBABLE CAUSE EXISTED !!

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