Gerald Russell – Google – Tyler PD Arrests- Stalking After Dark Trespass-Rose Rudman Trail Letter to Lori Stewart-NOT STALKING- BUT NEVER FOUND by Sgt Richard Cashell or Head Smith County DA Jack Skeen Jr. -NO PROBABLE CAUSE EXISTED !!

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Gerald Russell – Google – Tyler PD Arrests- Stalking After Dark Trespass-Rose Rudman Trail Letter to Lori Stewart

Page -2 Letter to Lori Stewart- $7 Million Dollars NO PROBABLE CAUSE From Tyler PD Investigators Sgt Richard Cashell {Wife is Alica Cashell whom was a Asst Smith County DA and Should Be Fired and Disbarred see Houston Chron article Justice Under Fire by Evan Moore and Her withholding Exculpatory Evidence and Suborning Perjury- Called Prosecutorial Misconduct Head Elected DA Jack Skeen Jr is also Guilty of Prosecutorial Misconduct in a Handful of cases as well and The Chief Asst DA David Dobbs Drunk Men Tell No Lies has a very Disbarring Saga in The High-Profile Mike Smith Malicious Prosecution Case which later settled for $3.2 Million again KTLV ABC-Tyler Which was all over the Court records as They were GRANDSTANDING This Case and as Neal Barton Knows from Memorial Day 09′ Malicious Prosecution claims CANNOT Go Forward unless NO PROBABLE CAUSE EVER EXISTED Just Like My Case} & Reviewing Investigator Sgt Destry Wallsworth and Smith County DA’s Office Jack Skeen Jr.- Later a Letter was sent to the Hous Chron


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Google+ False Stops and Detentions- Police Chief Magazine -STOP & ID LAWS Texas Penal Code 38.02 Tyler PD KKK (42 photos)

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